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Oct 1, 2012

Artists in the Spotlight


Sebastian is a Canadian born artist from Calgary. He is a sculptor, focused on creating masks, props and fantastical art works. He works with resin, silicon, paper mache, plaster, card board and with found objects. Sebastian is enrolled at the Alberta College of Art and Design and will be graduating in 2015 as a sculptor major with his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He graduated from Westmount Charter Highschool where he took Advanced Placement Art, a course that required 24 works to be judged by a jury and was awarded a 4 out of 5 on his portfolio.
Currently, Sebastian is exploring paper mache, sculpting with found objects and the idea of narrative and character, while also furthering his experiences in mask making and expanding further into props. Recently, Sebastian was commissioned to create a prop (“Prax’s Amazing Glider”) for a local webseries (currently unnamed). Sebastian draws inspiration from the natural world, history and different cultures.



British. 32. Urban designer/ Illustrator by day. 

I prefer to use mediums and techniques that will stretch my skills & imagination.

Lately I have been using a few new styles. For some reason they all are very labor intensive... perhaps I’m thinking a lot about time these days.

Parcel tape on glass: I like how quite an ugly type of pairing can make something that’s visually pleasing to look at. I also like the eerie colors that come out. Maybe it’s the time of year? It's pretty time consuming so it's that much more satisfying to see it slowly take shape.

Nails and Thread: Having studied design in the UK and being a bit of a graffiti artist I know all too well that words and typography can send a powerful message. Using wood scraps as a backboard gives these pieces a texture that I enjoy, then the crisp lines made by the thread seem to cut through that idea.