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Aug 30, 2012

Artists in the Spotlight


My Father was a self taught artist and was totally color blind. He showed me anything was possible. Abstract painting is the release of my creative mind. It is the freedom to discover who I am and my therapy at the end of the day.
Having a creative nature, I have been involved with art in one form or another. From the time I was very young I had a passion for creating, painting, drawing, anything and everything that I could get my hands on.
I started Decorative painting in 1997 and followed that dream for many, many years and still enjoy it today. I became a Decorative Artist Instructor in 2001, when I lived in Edmonton until, with my husband moved to Airdrie, Alberta in 2004. I continued to do Decorative Painting attending classes and staying involved in this venue. In 2010, I started taking classes at the Calgary School of Fine Arts with teachers, Danielle Bartlette and Samantha daSilva. I have discovered the abstract painter within and have not looked back. I am following the path that is calling me.

This picture of me was taken in front of the Gallery of Steven Weiss.



Since I was 8 years old, I have been involved in some form of Art!
I started with designing and hand sewing my dolls' clothing, teaching children's art classes over the years and Fabric Card classes.
I have taken numerous classes during the Alberta-Paint-In from Decorative Painting Teachers such as: Mary Owens, Tracy Moreau, Nancy Harron, Dorothy Dent, Holly Hanley, Willow Wolfe, Barb Halvarson, Arlene Linton, Glenice Moore, Sharon MacNamara and many more.
While living in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, I was part of a team of ladies who got the Lac du Bonnet Farmer's Market started. It has continued with much success over the years for those to sell their crafts, arts, etc.
Crafting has also been a huge part of my life. I've worked with wood, screening, fabrics, ceramics, dried flowers, Mod Podge, wax, various mediums such as modelling paste, coffee grounds, crackle medium, and saw dust to create all kinds of art and/or effects.
I sell some of my arts and crafts through the Olds Christmas Potpourri Sale in Olds, AB.
I have studied "How to Window Paint " from "Window Jeannie" of Edmonton, AB. I've painted both residential and commercial windows.
In the Fine Arts, my classes/courses include the following Teachers: Jenny Baker, Danielle Barlette and Samantha daSilva.
I have recently received my Teacher's Certification in "Paverpol" from Brenda Topley of Black Sheep Designs Studio. Paverpol Garden Figurines are made from T-shirts and are completely environmentally friendly. This art form is extremely creative and thousands of figurine ideas can be made from your thoughts.

I am presently working towards getting the "da Silva Method for Abstract Certification". These classes have been very rewarding for me. 



Jason Krahn is a Canadian artist born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Surrounded by family in the construction trades, Jason grew up developing a keen eye and interest for details and design. Jason has always been creative and draws inspiration from life, whether it is found in his family or the mountains and prairies of Alberta and even his dreams, art is part of him.

At a young age, Jason’s creativity primarily focused on realism drawing and special effects for film which lead him through multiple animation courses at Applied Multimedia Centre, as well as travelling and visiting various special effects houses in California. As all artist's work evolves, Jason’s has matured as well. After experimenting with every medium from sculpture to landscape painting, he focused his passion on photography and abstract painting.

Jason Krahn is a self taught artist.