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Jul 27, 2012

Artists in the Spotlight


Artist Statement 

As a Calgary-based contemporary abstract expressionist, I am drawn to the infinite possibilities of creating abstract art and the equal amount of responses received by each unique piece. My work as an abstract artist has taken me on an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-expression. Releasing my energy upon the canvas is exhilarating!

The intent of my paintings is to leave viewers’ inspired as I express my inner soul through a sub-conscious guidance using a variety of colours, forms and textures. The versatility of acrylics allows me to create depth by applying texture using various mediums. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques, ideas and mediums; that’s what makes being an artist so much fun!

It is very important that each painting is an honest reflection of myself and is expressed in its own unique way. I am constantly striving to learn and grow as a person and as an artist. My work will always be true to who I am. As long as I truly love each and every piece, I believe I have succeeded.


Born and raised in a small town in southern Alberta I grew up enjoying all aspects of art. I have explored different forms, which include drawing, sculpture, photography and painting.

I received my formal training in the Visual Communications Program at the Medicine Hat College from 1996-1999. I became drawn to the style of abstract art because it allows me to express my emotions, thoughts and personal life experiences on the canvas using colour, form and texture. My inspiration comes from past and present life experiences, the beauty of nature and the energy created from music.

My latest collection Liquid Landscapes has been shown in numerous group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, lounges, cafes, a furniture gallery, art galleries and a show home in Calgary, Alberta.




I am a fantastically successful college dropout and self-confessed lover of glitter, old cameras & vintage lace. I love to bask in the techni-colour beauty of our world while I enjoy my work as an artist, graphic designer, event planner, and musician.

I believe the the power of good and the spirit of whimsy and have been known to take friends out for dinner only to end up on an unexpected, road-tripping, weekend adventure. I've been told that "anything can happen" when I'm around... and it usually does!




Lightening in a Bottle Studio 

I loved the arts from very young age. In fact one of my earliest memories is staring into a painting. There were always muscial instrument on hand to play around with, and whether my focus was drama, visual art or music at the time, my artistic interests were encouraged throughout childhood.

I became very serious about visual art around 2004 - 2006  and put great focus on self study, skill building and participation in showings, but it was cut short by the sudden onset of a  severe depression that abruptly brought it all to a halt.

In January of 2010, after very hard work climbing out of the depression, I again had the energy, inspiration and desire to pick up a paint brush. One of my first paintings during that post recovery period was 'Earth Blood', inspired by lava and volcanos. All that bottled up art from those lost years, did literally explode like a volcano, from that painting onward.

I had been doing a little bit in every genre. Landscapes, portraits, still life and abstract, but it was the abstracts that really excited people, including myself. That is where the passion REALLY flowed.

In early 2011, two people whose opinions I greatly admired, encouraged me to concentrate on and continue in that direction.

The name Lightening in a Bottle- ( credit to K.C. Halas ), was taken from a description of my art, that was summed up as grasping something right out of the air or nothingness, visualizing it, then composing it on canvas with skill and intention. ....Like capturing lightening in a bottle.

For the past couple of years I have been passionately and prolifically creating new works and collections, making use of opportunities and involving myself in the Calgary Arts community.



Matthew Hiebert is a Calgary-based educationist and social entrepreneur, working under the banner of Aroundsquare, which specializes in creative development. Matthew's artwork explores structure and freedom, through the use of simple vertical lines to produce unique abstracts with rich overlapping layers.