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Jun 26, 2012

Artists in the Spotlight

Kellen Heide

A native of the suburbs, northwest Calgary, Kellen Heide was born in 1988 and grew up in a family where creative expression was encouraged from the earliest age.

Inaugurated into the world of the arts with her early egg carton caterpillars and a love for Martha Stewart, Kellen developed a passion for unleashing the potential beauty in the humblest materials. Though her preferred medium is acrylics on canvas, Kellen continues to explore her artistry through a variety of mediums, including graphite illustration, book binding, jewelry design, cake decoration, photography, and sculpture. Additionally, she has developed a keen interest in filmmaking. Volunteering since 2008 at Forgotten Studios, a Calgary-based independent film studio, Kellen has assisted in the production of three feature films as the Assistant Art Director.

Aside from her work in Calgary, a few years ago, Kellen invested in the opportunity to travel across Western and Eastern Europe, East Africa, and North America, where she had the privilege of gaining a better understanding of the greater context and history of art. Kellen now pulls much of her inspiration from those experiences.

In January 2012, Kellen enrolled at Alberta College of Art and Design to develop and refine her technical skills. Kellen believes that the work of an artist is never complete, and explains, “The hardest moment of working on a painting, for myself, comes at the very end when I must decide to let the entire process go. I could work on a painting for years. The difficulty is knowing when to abandon the artwork, trusting that it has accomplished its purpose. My goal, in every work of art that I create, is to reflect an aspect of the beauty or truth hidden within the original subject that inspires the piece.”

For more information about Kellen Heide and to view her online portfolio, go to:


Tory Manywounds

Tory Manywounds comes from a family of artists. The Son of a potter and pencil artist, his slide into art was inevitable.

In 2008 Tory discovered decorative concrete. "My world opened to what it could be vs. what people thought it was". He learned his craft in Texas and in Calgary.
Tory tries to use strong images and symbols mixed with abstract to convey what he thinks and feels. Music plays a strong influence when he creates.

"I hope you like what I have created and feel a little something when you see my work."


Blake Sherman

Blake Sherman is a young and upcoming artist, who has passion and drive. His art brings a new and fresh perspective into the 21st century and with his potent struggle for truth and inner awareness. Blake’s art will not be easily overlooked.

Blake has immersed himself into the art of photography since he was a young boy living in Atlanta, Georgia USA. With his never dying passion for the arts, his work has surpassed all expectations.

Now, ready to share his unique perspective, Blake has opened up his photography to the world.